What can Igraweb do?

CMS Igraweb is easy to use application. In Igraweb you will see same content if you editing page or view page as visitor. Igraweb is continuously updated, but not for building huge gigantic CMS with a lot of functions, that user don't need or use these functions rarely.

What Igraweb does well?

  • No more complicated administration interface
  • No more tree menu
  • No more one huge storage with pictures and attachments together
  • No more combination of content throw more sections
  • No more clicks from edit page to public view

What really Igraweb do well?

  • Administration of sections / pages of www presentation
    Directly in body of page you can edit text of pages or insert pictures, tables and a lot of others objects.
  • Administration of menu
    After sign up you see menu same as visitor of your web. But you can move sections by drag 'n drop feature or create new one.
  • Insert articles
    Articles are available for each section. When writing article, you see finally view (like in section).
  • Photo gallery
    You can upload photos to gallery separately to each section. Photos are resized to fit on screen. You can upload files in one collection. It's save your time. You can change title of photo or order of photo by drag 'n drop. etc.
  • Attachments
    Attachements have same principe of uploading, moving, renaming etc. as photos.


You can try everything at

That's all folks

These features are enough to satisfy majority of users. Better way is having a good working small package of features then a big one. We focus development on improving current features for better comfort of usage.

Do you need any extensions?

Igraweb is awesome because we can easily do custom extension for you. The technology of Igraweb enables development of custom extension with low costs. Step by step is coming library of custom extensions, that works with your license of Igraweb. And of course, all extensions will be still ready for next-development for your requirement.